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Confused, Amused, and wanting to be Abused
Wednesday, January 25, 2006 Thanks Carrie

I'm going to be checking out BlogAdvance later in the week thanks to Carrie. Carrie has 2 blogs... well one blog... She is currently in the middle of a move from here to here. I hope the move goes well.

Lately I've been lacking on posting to my blog due to the lack of activity and/or news to post about here.

So stay tuned. If you can read and comment on the previous posts.

Thank You Carrie!

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Sunday, January 22, 2006 Blog Traffic Directories

Today I joined BlogAzoo to generate more traffic to my blog. So far I like it. There are a few aspects of BlogAzoo that I don't quite understand though I've only used it for about an hour. I'm sure after some more use I will understand it much better. Though it seams to be a very user friendly traffic exchange for blogs.

I would also like to thank Mike Hitchen for his comment on my last post inquiring about traffic exchanges. He told me of two that I have yet to try but, I have looked over their home pages and I will be trying those exchanges as well. The first exchange is TrafficG which is a targeted traffic exchange. Offering Geographic and Interest driven targeting. The other exchange is called WolfSurfer which is a 10 second Traffic Exchange with Downline Building. WolfSurfer is also listed on MoneyLegs.com as The Best of the Best exchange directory. The best thing about both of the services I was told about by Mike Hitchen is that they are Free.

Thank You Mike.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006 SO FAR SO GOOD

Everything seams to be falling into place with my blog at the moment. I've had very little trouble with everything that I've installed already. I'm still looking to improve my site even more than it already is. I'm also looking for more Blog Traffic Exchanges. Perferable ones that I can sign up to with only a user name and password. I would like to keep this blog with out a name attached to it. If you know of ANY comment this post with the name of the site so that I can look it up on your site and join through the referal link on your page.

I'm still tring to find ALOT more people to link exchange with if any of you would like to exchange links please leave a comment on the Link Exchange / Gmail posting. Still looking for that pesky Gmail invite too. Thanks for everything and all your help in advance.

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Friday, January 20, 2006 Haloscan and Technorati

commenting and trackback have been added to my blog. If you are interested in using Haloscan you can use any of the links provided of the Haloscan button on the right hand side. I've also listed this blog with Technorati which I see to be another great blog feature. You can look through the blogs on Technorati by a specific catagory and it requires no credits and listing your blog is free.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006 Link Exchange / Gmail Invite.

Hello to everyone once again.

It is I Submissive. I have a few requests that I hope will be gratefully granted by you the readers of my blog. I am trying to exchange links with any Adult oriented blog. I'm also trying to get a Gmail invite so that I can have all the future mail from this blog go to that e-mail account instead of one of my main accounts. I know most of you know what I mean by that. ;-) So please comment in this post with 'Link Exchange' if you would like to exchange links. Once I see the link to this blog http://unknown-explainability.blogspot.com/ listed on your blog I will list your blog in exchange. If you have a Gmail invite that you would be able to spare to me and this blog please comment with 'Gmail' invite. I will then try to contact you since I as I said earlier don't want this mail going to a main e-mail address of mine.

Thank You,

P.S. I'm currently adding Technorati and Haloscan to my site so I'll be a little busy for the next couple of days figuring everything out.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 In the Mean Time.

Since there will be very little updates of what will be happening with me as of right now. (If you don't know I would like you to read from the beginning of my blog to find out). I'm going to give story telling a try.

This is Fiction and it's coming off of the top of my head.
If you would like to use this story please inform me of your actions.


As the sun sets the day is coming to a close. People are leaving work. Students are leaving school. Mostly everyone is ready for a nice relaxing evening at home. Although in the chambers of the mistresses quarters there is only one person relaxing. While the other is bound and gagged to the four post bed. The Mistress was simply sitting near by observing her slave as he laid patiently awaiting the evening events. He knew that his mistress was in the room but he didn't know where she was. She slowly arose from her chair and walked over to him placing a blind fold on to his face. Then turning about walking to the chair she picked it up and moved it to the side of the bed. She then went to the door opened it, closed it, then returned to her chair with a riding crop in hand. He laid there patiently and believing that his mistress left the room.

The mistress had long flowing black hair that is silky to the touch. She is wearing her most beautiful latex outfit and corset. With beautiful deep blue eyes that you would be able to lose yourself in if you were to look into them long enough. The sound of her melodic voice is almost enough excitement to entice any submissive of hers the moment that she speaks. Now she sits patiently and observes what is laid out before her. Her submissive.

After 15 minutes he begins to worry. For in his mind his mistress has tied him up and left the room. Anxiety is starting to set in at 30 minutes. He begins to move his feet and hands to test the strength of the bindings that are holding him to the bed, to see if there is a chance that he would be able to slip free of those devices if needed to be. Approaching 45 minutes his mind is racing for he is truly worried he knows not if his mistress has left the house or if something may have happened to her since she had left the room. The growing anticipation and the worry has begun to excite the mistresses slave. She too is taking great pleasure in his discomfort.

The hour approaches. Just as the clock bells rung the riding crop came cutting through the air and it hit him in the thigh. David let out a muffled yell due to the surprise. The mistress then stood from her chair and began to ask David if he enjoyed what she had done. He sheepishly replied with a muffled "Yes, Mistress." The riding crop came crashing down one more time hitting his opposite thigh. This time David let out less of a yell since he knew that he was going to be struck again. His mistress stood with anticipation of another strike when she decided that she was going to change the events a little.

She walked across to the other side of the room grabbing a small black leather bag. She returned to David and placed the cold leather bag on his chest and opened it up. She reached into the bag removing clothes pins. Putting one clothes pin on each toe, nipple, then up the full length of his cock. She then took a piece of string and ran it through each clothes pin. Starting at his left nipple, then his right nipple, to his right foot, his left foot, finally ending at the last clothes pin on the head of his cock. Removing the leather bag she decides to once again pick up the riding crop. She gently grazes the clothes pins with the crop and lightly smacking his thighs, balls, and chest.

David's senses of feeling, pain, and excitement are rising to the point of which he can hardly take at the moment. His mistress is gently pulling on the string which is causing the sensation to rise through out his whole body. She then leans in closely to his ear and tells him that he is not to make a sound when the zipper is removed. David laid there helplessly and simply said "Yes, Mistress." She then began to tug a little harder on the string. Awaiting the perfect moment to surprise her slave. She sees the moment then yanks the string. As the clothes pins fly off David is driven to a pain full yet enjoyable orgasms knowing that he has pleased his mistress once again.

His mistress then bends down and tells him that he was satisfactory so far this evening. She unbinds him. Commands him to take an hour to himself to clean himself up and eat. He is then to retreat to the basement of the house with only his collar, his restraint bracelets, and anklets on. For the evening has only started. That was the appetizer. His mistress will be awaiting the main course. He must show up exactly at the bells of the clock on the hour. Otherwise there will be consequences that he will have no choice but to pay. His mistress will be angered.

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Monday, January 16, 2006 Minor Set Back.

I was talking with my girlfriend again and due to some work related issues. We will be unable to spend quality time together for about 2 weeks, other then dinner. I am yet to go shopping for what she has told me to purchase. I'm sure the next time I pass by there again I'll get what I was told. But, for now it's a matter of time as the clock ticks down.

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